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Work Experience and Volunteering

Working abroad is an experience that can enrich both from a professional and a personal point of view. The advantages of an internship experience abroad are many, such as the ability to work by communicating in another language, the acquisition of professional "soft skills" and the creation of a network of contacts useful for one's future; a great way to complete your training, put your acquired knowledge into practice and get in touch with the working community.

The ideal path for students, aged 16 to 25, who intend to enrich their CV in view of a specific career.

Volunteering experiences can concern humanitarian, environmental, animal recovery, archaeological volunteering fields ...

In Monaco, we can provide a selection of activities in cooperation with Monaco charity associations.

Abroad, we can suggest a huge selection of volunteer and community service programs for those interested in enriching their curriculum and completing their educational path through an enriching experience out of their "confort zone". All the programs have high security standards and are run by experienced professionals.

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